‘CCCC’ Four Letter Domains


Possible uses: A site with Registered Nurses’ information or education, or related uses. What may be one of the strongest uses of this name RNDZ, however, is simply the letters themselves — not as an abbreviation for other words. Reminiscent of military abbreviations (Demilitarized Zone); the hard consonant sounds give it voice and authority. Could be the --> Read More


Possible uses: Because this domain resembles an ordinary word with Y at the end, the inclination is to pronounce it — as “Fizzy.” This might be built upon when developed, as a site for anything that is fizzy — soft drinks, cocktails, bath products, detergent or soap, chemicals. Could also be called “Fuzzy,” and indicate anything along --> Read More


There is a distinct advantage in choosing an all-consonant name for a brand: Simply going for something with vowels can mean you’re choosing among some very peculiar-sounding words. This domain avoids the problem of your brand picking up meaning due to similarity with existing words — words you may not want associated with your brand. ____ --> Read More


Some short names resonate even while you may not be sure what it means. VXVZ.com is one like that, and if you like the letter V it is a great one. It has a scientific sound; if not used strictly for tech or scientific purposes, it would make a superb short name for literary, music, design, --> Read More


A modernistic domain, XVXZ.com is rhythmic — due to its pattern with the repeated X. Say it out loud (or rather, spell it out) and it is very pleasing. It could serve well as a brand. A business, organization or performing group might use this name in a way similar to users of numeric domains. How --> Read More
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