FAQ – Domain Brand Name Sales and Selling Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Gaming domains good?
International demand for gaming .com domains has made many names a liquid asset, easy to sell; some categories within the LLLL class (repeating letters, for instance) are particularly sought after without regard to what specific letters the name contains. Domains that contain vowels and are easily pronounced often outstrip other categories of 4L, because they are easily made into recognizable brand names.

Short names frequently indicate status. Actors known by simply a first name have reached the heights of their profession; corporations that are recognized by a few letters tend to be the hugest: AIG, IBM, etc. When even a 7- or 8-letter name is shortened — and is still easily recognized by the public, it is a major success: for example, FB.com instead of FaceBook.com.

When domain names shorten, we are narrowing our focus — as if we’ve shed the outer layers and arrived at the very kernel of the name.

Gaming domains are a special class. More affordable than the 3L .coms, there’s something handy and “right” about the number 4. It’s an even number, it contains two pairs, which often makes it rhythmic and easy to memorize.

Are prices negotiable?
We are always happy to hear an offer on a domain you’re interested in. We are open to negotiations.

How do I buy a domain?
Here’s a quick summary, for full details see our Buy Page.

1. Choose your domain.
2. Contact us to buy, or if it is listed as Make Offer, make a fair opening offer for the name. Please make sure you’ve sent your contact info, including your name and email, skype or phone no., the country where you’re located.
3. Negotiations take place until a selling agreement is reached.
4. Payment method is chosen — Escrow.com, in most cases — for security for both parties. We may have several options for the transaction & payment method, depending upon your location.
5. We normally ask you to create a (free) account at the registrar where the domain is — Enom.com/Enomcentral.com, Godaddy.com, Moniker, Dynadot — and when payment has been received by Escrow.com then we will push your domain into that account, and you’ll have it within minutes. This is one of the safest and fastest ways of getting your domain. However, we may also agree to transfer the domain.

How can I sell my domains here?
TBD — please wait for us to add this functionality

What payment options are there?
Escrow.com is approved for all transactions. Paypal & wire transfer are available, at our discretion. Other online payment methods may also be available. Just ask.

What comes with my purchase?
At this time we offer sales only of the domains themselves. No logo or other option is included. This may well change later! We may later offer social media accounts with some names, logos, etc.

Do you have a return policy?
It is very difficult, if not impossible, to return domain names. There are steps in the sales process to help eliminate problems; therefore, our sales must be considered final.