Tips on Branding

  • Short domains are the go-to tool to build brands. The largest social media sites such as Twitter & YouTube already shorten links into mini-urls for convenience. Learn how to use their shorteners in a way that still displays your site name, so you don’t miss the chance to put your domain in front of viewers. Of course, the best way of all is to simply own a short domain brand to begin with.
  • Shorter is better. The Colonel’s restaurant is now KFC, not Kentucky Fried Chicken; Pizza Hut is trying out being simply “The Hut.”
  • Does your domain contain elements that are related to your product, service or business? If not, does your logo help make the connection? Are you using other techniques to help customer identification of what your brand is about?
  • Real estate agents are likely to use their own names as their brand.
  • When it comes to logos, simpler is nearly always better. Recognition occurs with repeated sightings, not the first. So it must be recognized as being the same one as before, which means the background might not be part of it.
  • Creating hashtags that work with your brand name is a vital way to spread your brand. Short, carefully chosen hashtags that express what customers are doing with your brand work well: Ben and Jerry’s Twitterfeed used #freeconeday and #captureeuphoria. A skincare and makeup manufacturer used #bareselfie to urge followers to post pics of themselves with no makeup on.