‘CCCV’ Four Letter Domains


Western letters in this 4L domain. FQ at the beginning could stand for Frequency, Fine Quality, Fully Qualified, or other words; the U at the end may stand for Universal or University, Underwriter, Underground, Unit, United, etc. Could easily become an acronym for an organization.


Possible uses: The XE at the end, part of the “execute,” could suggest this is a software/solutions business, logistics company, or the like; it suggests decision-making or action. It could as easily be a name for design, art, performance, because the letters are nearly all hard-cornered ones rather than curved, making a name linked with strength, forward --> Read More


You might pronounce this one as “Diz” or “Dizzy.” It is close to the word design, and therefore might be a good choice for a designer brand or gallery. It also works for a restaurant, bar or club; a name for a commercial product, especially a chemical formulation; today such names can be found on personal products, --> Read More


The letter O at the end of a 4L helps make it easier to remember and can turn a collection of letters into a “handle.” It’s easy, for instance, to recall the names USO or GAO.



YKKI.com might be pronounced “Yooki” for convenience, and used as a brand; it is easy to remember with its double K. It has hints of eastern cultures, having the Y and K letters that are common to Asian languages and names. But mostly it’s a neat, concise LLLL domain that any business or individual might --> Read More


Possible Uses: One might look at the letters in pairs, where we can see for the first 2, VZ can refer to electronics parts, diodes, communication, or stand for vision, visual, etc. The last 2 letters, NA, can easily stand for North America, Northern Australia. Short domains need not be used for their literal meanings, this is --> Read More


This 4L could be short for a surname, a nickname. It is similar to the word “mezuzah,” the prayer scroll placed in doorways to bless one’s home. The letters as an abbreviation can work for many unions or organizations, or as an automotive reference. The letter M may help make this a model reference of a --> Read More


The letters in this name might hint at a link to the chi-ro, the Christian representation for the cup of the Eucharist. The letters X and P are the first letters of the Greek word for Christ, but their order is often reversed due to artistic representations where the X is crossing the bottom of the P. --> Read More
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