‘Double letter’ Four Letter Domains


This domain probably calls to mind the word “zigzag” right off the bat, which is basically derived from putting the letter Z into the word “tack” (which means turn). The double Z at the beginning makes the name memorable; you might pronounce it as “Zee-zag.” ZZ can stand for certain phrases in German: “zur zeit” meaning, for --> Read More


YKKI.com might be pronounced “Yooki” for convenience, and used as a brand; it is easy to remember with its double K. It has hints of eastern cultures, having the Y and K letters that are common to Asian languages and names. But mostly it’s a neat, concise LLLL domain that any business or individual might --> Read More


This 4L could be short for a surname, a nickname. It is similar to the word “mezuzah,” the prayer scroll placed in doorways to bless one’s home. The letters as an abbreviation can work for many unions or organizations, or as an automotive reference. The letter M may help make this a model reference of a --> Read More


The VR trend, meaning virtual reality (or simply “virtual”), makes this immediately a valuable domain for both investment and end use. The double Y at the end makes this a nice pattern domain. Because virtual reality is no longer science fiction but a real industry now, the value potential is growing fast. Medical, aeronautical engineering, software, --> Read More


The word “egg” stands out in this domain name, making it absolutely memorable. This domain might be used for a food/restaurant/grocery/dairy site, or as a humorous-sounding brand unrelated to eggs. Tech businesses often opt for such succinct names that evoke an ordinary, everyday image, even if it is not directly related to their work. The simpler --> Read More


A Friendly brand… This 4L domain is easy to say, easy to spell, easy to remember. Its AABA pattern using only 2 different letters make it a great investment domain. But it looks even better as a brand, because it has plenty of personality. It also sounds like someone’s name. And the list of things it --> Read More


Easily pronounced 1-syllable name. The double “o”s give it a playful aspect, like in Yahoo or Google. This name would make a superb brand for nearly any type of company, from tech to entertainment. Sounds like “you’ll,” which could be useful for promotion or slogans. (Yool love it; Yool be glad you did; Yool thank --> Read More
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