‘Four Letter Domains’ Four Letter Domains


This CVCV (consonant-vowel-consonant-vowel) .com might be a sought-after acronym for a corporation, or a stylized brand name. The Western letters make it an abbreviation for many organizations or businesses. It also could stand for Virtual Gift, a popular online ranking/exchange token. Or it could be short for “Vigilant” or any word starting with vigi. The particular --> Read More


Easily pronounced 1-syllable name. The double “o”s give it a playful aspect, like in Yahoo or Google. This name would make a superb brand for nearly any type of company, from tech to entertainment. Sounds like “you’ll,” which could be useful for promotion or slogans. (Yool love it; Yool be glad you did; Yool thank --> Read More


DN – This letter duo at the beginning can make this a name for a Domain Name site — marketplace, blog, or other, identifiable in only 4 letters. The letters also have significance in various math and scientfic notations and applications. DNDX could be a name for a new product line of various kinds — --> Read More
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