‘Premium’ Four Letter Domains




Western letters in this 4L domain. FQ at the beginning could stand for Frequency, Fine Quality, Fully Qualified, or other words; the U at the end may stand for Universal or University, Underwriter, Underground, Unit, United, etc. Could easily become an acronym for an organization.


s both a dictionary word (having or resembling lace = lacy) and a female first name. Good for a business brand of almost any kind.


The trending interest in Holographic technology and its applications makes this a great name for a site about any or all of the Holo- niche. Holograms, HoloBox applications, HoloBooks and science fiction are all suggested by the prefix. Because hologram tech is extremely advanced, the domain is excellent for someone interested in either the real-world programming — --> Read More


Common Western letters and a round number numeric at the end. The CA of this domain can stand for California, or an abbreviation for another word. The characters may be used as a nice memorable generic brand, or even a product line or model. This is a malleable and useful domain.


This mixed-character domain containing 2 letters and 2 numerals could be used as a TV network ID, a video/tube channel brand, or a general site name appealing to a young age group. Domains containing “TV” are expanding in use, and subsequently their value has risen. They don’t actually have to mean television, but may --> Read More


Possible uses: A site with Registered Nurses’ information or education, or related uses. What may be one of the strongest uses of this name RNDZ, however, is simply the letters themselves — not as an abbreviation for other words. Reminiscent of military abbreviations (Demilitarized Zone); the hard consonant sounds give it voice and authority. Could be the --> Read More


Possible uses: Because this domain resembles an ordinary word with Y at the end, the inclination is to pronounce it — as “Fizzy.” This might be built upon when developed, as a site for anything that is fizzy — soft drinks, cocktails, bath products, detergent or soap, chemicals. Could also be called “Fuzzy,” and indicate anything along --> Read More


ZVUN.com may refer to: ringtones (Bulgarian), zettavolt, zeptovolt. It may be also used as a general nonword brand.
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