‘VCCC’ Four Letter Domains


The 4L market is even more active than a few months ago, so it’s a good time to get a strong domain. AV at the beginning of your domain is particularly popular: AV stands in for audio-visual, Av the month on the Hebrew calendar, aviation, anti-virus, etc. This name also makes a classic sort of non-referential name, --> Read More


Whether you try to pronounce this one (maybe as “uzzy” or “Uzi”) or not, it stands apart from other 4Ls. A Y at the end of a short name is a popular, even for serious brands. It has a familiar and positive sound.


The SY at the end of the domain might induce you to refer to it as “eye-zee-sigh” — or simply “izzy.” SY can stand for Systems, Symbol, or even Psychological. Altogether, this name is good for easy reading although it may not pass the radio test. 4L domains are excellent investments for acronyms and brands.


EXDR.com could be used as abbreviation for executive director, external drives, ex-doctor. It could refer to entertainment, machinery, computers or software, medical references, leadership. It could be the name of a product model, a studio, a geographic division. A very strong brand name.


UGNY.com has the New York abbreviation at its end, so its value is inestimable as a Geographic domain; it might serve as a site for any number of organizations, businesses, artistic/humanities groups or services of New York. UGNY is also the name of more than one township in France. With any 4L domain it is also --> Read More


The word “egg” stands out in this domain name, making it absolutely memorable. This domain might be used for a food/restaurant/grocery/dairy site, or as a humorous-sounding brand unrelated to eggs. Tech businesses often opt for such succinct names that evoke an ordinary, everyday image, even if it is not directly related to their work. The simpler --> Read More
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